Hydrotherapy harnesses the natural healing properties of water, helping to heal the body, ease the mind and provide a long-lasting sense of wellness.


At Jacuzzi®, we’re proud to be the pioneers of hydrotherapy, a concept we created and continue to lead the world in. Based on real science and engineering brilliance, our Spa Pools and Swim Spas combine the benefits of heat, buoyancy and massage to deliver a wide range of health benefits.

Our proprietary jets are the key. Strategically positioned around the Spa or Swim Spa, they drive a powerful yet gentle stream of water to the shoulders, upper back and lower body. Fully adjustable, these jets use Aqualibrium® to deliver the optimal blend of water and air. Ergonomic seats enhance the experience even further, allowing you to distribute your weight for optimal comfort and support.

The results can be truly life-changing! Hydrotherapy can soothe joint pain and ease muscle tension; boost circulation and accelerate post-injury recovery; reduce stress, improve sleep patterns and even enhance your skin.